We take great pride in being your wedding specialists! We make sure you have the best 

time of your life and we cover every detail!!


We work closely with our potential clients before they sign a contract, to make sure they feel comfortable with us. We take our jobs very seriously because let's face it, you are our future! We would love the chance to help start your future off in the right direction, with the perfect celebration! 


If this page doe not answer your questions please feel free to use the chat feature in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

It's all about experience and the right "fit"...

.Choosing a DJ is one of the most important aspects of your special day... The entertainment will either make or break "THE PARTY!" We believe in assisting you the best we can to make your day or night exceptional and memorable. We personally meet our clients before signing a contract so they can get a feel of who we are. If its a good fit, great! We also offer a perfection guarantee....for more information please refer to the bottom of this page...

Ceremony Services...

We can provide music and microphones for any ceremony location...

HAVING AN OUTDOOR CEREMONY?  Let us do the sound for your ceremony! We can also set up a portable mic system for your back yard! We can accomodate any ceremony size, big or small! We can supply your officiant with a wireless mic and stand if needed. We can also edit music to your desire! With the use of Bose tower speakers, we can supply sound anywhere and be very inconspicuous t a ceremony area. No large offending speakers to be in your beautiful photos.


WHAT CAN YOUR GUESTS DO DURING OR BEFORE THE EVENT? Guests have the option to make requests onlline before your event. We can set up several options through our ONLINE EVENT PLANNERS that allow your guests to make special requests before the event date. We also allow guests to make requests during the event, depending on the approval of our clients. Any songs our clients do not want played, wont! That's our BLACKLIST feature!

Client Event Planner

We keep it organized and easy...

Our clients have the option to create and edit their own play lists, special dances / songs, event timelines and even PAY ONLINE! We pay close attention to every detail, its your special day and perfection is required!

The Reception...

From cocktail hour, Introductions, cake cutting transitioning to dinner and then rocking out the party... We make sure every detail is covered, giving you the perfection you desire!

TO MAKE SOMETHING PERFECT, IT REQUIRES TIME... We tell our potential clients all the time that booking months in advance is the best thing they could do! It takes time to gather information from clients about what music they prefer to put together that perfect reception. Our event planner helps in that process, however we like to familiarize ourselves with our clients! This is how we keep each reception organized and moving along so that the bride, groom and all of the guests can have the best time possible! This is our full time job so we make sure we take the extra time needed to make a reception perfect!

HOW MUCH DOES MUSIC FOR A WEDDING / RECEPTION COST?... Music and entertainment for Weddings and receptions can run from $600.00 - $2000.00 depending on your needs.  Please keep in mind that just because a DJ company charges hundreds of dollars this does not always mean that they are the best. We tell our clients to look at our references before making any choices. What other people say about the service a company provides can make or break a couple's choice! We will sit down with every client to assist them in their choice. If a potential client does not want to hire us,we will assist them in finding someone who will suit all of their needs. Our normal pricing ranges from $575.00 - $900.00  for a 5-6 hour reception, depending on location and special requests. We will be happy to provide you a complete quote and available options. 

Add a Photo-booth or Video-booth for your special day...

Phoeobooths are a way for your guests to take pictures together in a goofy fun way! They will be able to take a remembrance with them from your wedding! We offer both photo & video booths for your speical day! We offer "Closed" or "Open Air" booths. You will get a specialized scapbook which will include the copies of all photos taken plus a USB stick for you to be able to print copies of all photos taken! Contact us for more information...






- Proper Bridal Party Introductions upon entering the reception. (Music mixes in the background if desired).


- Customized music for COCKTAIL and DINNER hours. Our online event planner helps our clients to specify what songs are desired during specific times. 


- CAKE CUTTING CEREMONY, a specific song is played and our DJ's get our clients guests involved! 


- Garter and Bouquet toss show... Our DJ's interact with the guests and get them involved! Specific songs are played upon our clients requests. 


- SPECIAL DANCES: Our clients pick their first songs to dance to as husband and wife! Memories are everything. Sometimes our clients need help choosing that right song. We are always available to sit down with our clients to give them ideas.  We also play "Father/Daughter", and "Mother/Son" dances. We make sure our clients start their party off right! 


- PROPER TIME MANAGEMENT: We believes this is the most important aspect of every reception we DJ! We make sure our clients get the most out of their event, keeping up with the "timeline". 


- Guests can make requests, only if our clients permit it! We value what the guests like to hear. Our interactive DJ's will make sure every guest is having a good time, old to young! 







Our LOVE Led sign is very popular for weddings. This adds a special touch to any special event! With programmable led lights, we can program this to any color to fit your special event. Rental is $200.00 for a standard event up to 6 hours. 




This light is programmable for any color. Rental is $200 for up to a 6 hour event. 



We are offering to CAPTURE THE MOMENTS during our events! We setup small cameras around the venue and capture everything! Our video editing specialists will then put all the moments together to create a continuous video... We also offer this option for any event... Check out this short clip...

We hope you like what we have to offer... please contact us for more information... 7165335120

Professional DJ's, Photographers, Room Up-Lighting, Photo-booth @ Video-booth  rentals in the Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany New York areas! 

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